Anyone who knows me, knows I am the queen of mixed metaphors and they also know when I set my mind to something I usually get it done. Well, I set my mind on this nostalgic idea of chickens roaming within our orchard, eating the bugs, fertilizing the trees, and laying gorgeous eggs for our organic breakfasts. So I’m not sure why John was surprised when the girls and I showed up with twenty baby chicks after a Saturday trip to our local co-op to pet the baby ducks, chicks and bunnies. They were so cute! And we couldn’t pick just one, or two, or six! We needed twenty! A few of each. This simple act on my part has forced our hand to buy a chicken coop, build fencing, and begin researching how on earth we should care for our new farm animals. Lucky for me, John is all in on this idea of farm animals. “The girls,” as we so lovingly call our chicks, have stolen all of the attention from baby Jack, and we cannot wait for them to begin laying.